About Us

Welcome to RAA

The Recycling Association of Africa (RAA) is a non-profit association that works with a coalition of recycling professionals from government, business, educational institutions, and other non-profit organizations to promote waste reduction, reusing, reducing and recycling end of life material in Africa. Advocating for preservation of natural resources and utilizing urban mines before having to utilize underground mines. Promoting forestation and decarbonization which leads to reduction in global warming. Ultimately, leading to environmental and Socioeconomic Sustainability.
RAA takes pride in promoting sound recycling practices throughout Africa as well as supporting the African economy in building bridges through out the Middle-East Europe and the globe.

Vision Statement

The RAA efforts will lead to greater resource conservation, a strengthened culture of sustainability, and increased economic viability of recycling by collaborating and building partnerships with the recycling community.

Mission Statement

The RAA provides leadership, support to businesses, and education to encourage the responsible use of resources through recycling and supporting modes of waste reduction.

Chairman Message
Metal Recycling of Africa
Dr Salam Al SHARIF
Founding Chairman

Chairman's Message

RAA, the Recycling Association of Africa, promotes the much-needed platform for African recycling companies as the voice of African recycling.
As the Founding Chairman of RAA, I am honoured to accept this responsibility, which brings both the opportunity and the obligation to protect and preserve our natural resources for future generations.
Our current recycling system is at a crossroads and urgently requires smart & efficient resources utilisation and creative energy to better serve the African recycling industry.
RAA's role is to lead a collaborative effort to create a transformative vision for our recycling industry that is inclusive, equitable, and reflective of the circular economy.
That is why I am pleased to announce RAA, a critical effort in work to build a circular economy for all by creating awareness programs through conferences, networking, and education, which will in turn build a collaborative connection to the rest of the world.